Little Footprints believes that God must be glorified in every aspect of the centre and that Jesus Christ must be the foundation. Little Footprints believes that children are made in God’s image, and made by God; therefore we aim at teaching children about their Creator, and the bible by linking it with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Little Footprints also believes that children are unique and capable beings and develop at their own rate, and thus by providing enriching, meaningful and realistic opportunities children will explore, create, discover, and imagine. Little Footprints aims at focusing on providing children with opportunities to learn through play using a child centred approach where the play experiences reflect children’s interests, previous experiences, and biblical teachings. As we unpack the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) we will work alongside the children to actively promote children’s learning through worthwhile and challenging experiences and interactions that foster high-level thinking skills.

Little Footprints believes that children learn valuable skills while interacting with other children as peer relationships are important to a child’s development. Little Footprints believes that friends not only provide companionship and recreation, but meet other needs as well. The centre believes that through interaction with peers, children learn valuable social skills. They learn how to do things like join groups, make new friends, participate in groups, and negotiate conflict. The centre also believes that friendships provide a supportive context in which self-exploration, emotional growth, and moral development can occur. We aim at encouraging children to build strong and positive relationships with their peers and providing children with opportunities to build their confidence and social skills.

Little Footprints believes in the significance of raising up children in the way of the scriptures, being the bible, from an early age, in order to guide their lifeĀ  We aim at teaching children the need to put their trust and belief in the gospel message, which portrays the good news of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection) (We believe in leading children to grow a love for God and others, which will lead them to wanting to obey all of God’s commandments from their heart and out of love not force. Through the scriptures, we believe in leading the children in seeing the difference between right and wrong in their own lives and showing them that without Christ’s power, we are not able to change ourselves or have power over our sin, and encourage them to talk to the Lord about their wrong doings. We believe in not enforcing the children to say sorry to God in prayer, unless it comes from the heart and they wish to do so, from their own free will. We believe in giving the children a free option to pray to God and say to God whatever is on their heart and in their mind )