In Early Childhood Education the curriculum is not the focus, the children are. Little Footprints believes that a meaningful, integrated, emergent curriculum using EYLF as the Framework is the most beneficial to children’s learning across all developmental domains. A curriculum in which children are active participants and collaborators allows for a more individualistic and meaningful involvement by the children.  Our programs reflect planned and spontaneous experiences designed to support children’s development in all domains. Through EYLF, the program will see Educators use intentional teaching, (it’s deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful). Educators who engage in intentional teaching recognise that learning occurs in social contexts and that interactions and conversations are vitally important for learning. We aim to actively promote children’s learning through worthwhile and challenging experiences and interactions that foster high-level thinking skills (EYLF). When observing children and planning experiences for children, we aim at focusing on each individual child’s interest and needs, remembering to value past experiences and knowledge of the child.

Little Footprints believes that a child’s family and community context plays a significant influence on the child’s learning. We aim at planning educational programs in collaboration with families, children and the community. We aim at providing children with resources that focus on diversity and reflects children’s home and community experiences.

Little Footprints believes in the importance of incorporating a bible based program to teach children the loving truths of Christianity, and ultimately about the Lord Jesus Christ and what He did for them on the cross. We believe in the importance of teaching children Christian hymns, as well as celebrating holidays such as Easter and Christmas through their biblical meanings. We believe in incorporating biblical teachings throughout the general routine such as encouraging children to thank God for their food, and to love one another as Christ loves us.