Educational and Preschool program

Educational and Preschool program


Although we believe at Little Footprints Christian childcare that your spiritual growth is the most important, we also believe your child’s educational development is very important too, having a domino effect on the rest of their lives. Therefore, we have a comprehensive educational program suiting all ages, including an extensive Pre-Kindy Program, led by qualified and experienced staff. Some of these include;

Daily Language grouptimes – teaching children basics of life such as months of the year, counting, the weather, alphabetical and phonetic awareness and much more. Each of these are taught through visuals, songs, activities, and other recognised programs such as Ants in the Apple.

Daily Interest based grouptimes  children will have the opportunity to learn through projects and hands on activities, based on their current interests.

Preschool Letterland – Each week we focus on a new letter and its phonetics, using our Jolly phonics books and other recognised media.

Pre-Kindy Writing booklets – Your child will have their own writing booklet, teaching them to write their name, numbers, letters and learn the sounds of each letter.

Show and tell – Pre-schoolers will have an opportunity to develop their confidence, language, comprehension, and public speaking skills through sharing a story or something special with their peers, followed by answering questions from other children.

Touch screen children’s Computers – We have state of the art touch screen childcare based computers from Techno Corners with many activities for all age groups teaching all concepts such as Maths, writing, reading, Hand-eye coordination, science, geography, sustainability and recycling, all of which are updated regularly.

Sustainability – We teach children the importance of looking after Gods beautiful creation through integrating sustainable practices in our everyday living.

Veggie Patch – Children have opportunities to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits in our veggie patch!

Educational and Preschool program