Families of the centre

Little Footprints believes that a child’s family and community context plays a significant influence on the child’s learning. We aim at planning educational programs in collaboration with families, children and the community. We aim at providing children with resources that focus on diversity and reflects children’s home and community experiences. Little Footprints believes that resources that reflect children’s every day experiences, will help children relate to these resources, and projects the message that learning is relevant to the child’s life. When observing children and planning experiences for children, we aim at focusing on each individual child’s interest and needs, remembering to value past experiences and knowledge of the child.

Little Footprints believes that bilingual children’s early experiences of literacy are in their home language. We aim to negotiate and discuss language learning between home and the setting to suit both the family and society. We aim to provide children and their families with experiences to help with their literacy development in English and the home language.

Little Footprints believes that parents are valuable partners in the process of educating children. They withhold valuable information on their child and communicating the information with the staff is essential. Little Footprints believes that family and community collaboration regarding the curriculum is crucial in order to design a program and experiences that are relevant to the children in the setting.