Our vision and philosophy old

To educate and prepare children for a successful future with Christ as the centre of their lives through a loving and caring environment.

At Little Footprint Christian Childcare centres we believe that God must be glorified in every aspect of the centre and that Jesus Christ must be the foundation. Little Footprints believes that children are unique and capable beings who develop at their own rate. Therefore, we aim at teaching children about their Creator, and the bible by linking it with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

We believe in order to help children to achieve their highest, they need to feel loved, safe and secure. We as Educators believe in the importance of protecting and cherishing the innocence of children and thus provide a safe and secure environment by responding to children with kindness and understanding. We believe families play the most significant influence in a child life, therefore it is our goal to work in close collaboration with each family to help each child develop and learn to their fullest potential.  Little Footprints values community involvement and we believe in networking with churches, schools, and community workers in ways that benefit children and families of the centre. Little Footprints believes the world and environment around us reveals the nature and power of God and that it is important for children to be taught to respect it. We believe that the whole world is a potential curriculum for children. As a Christian childcare we believe in both quality Christian and an educational curriculum which can prepare children for their lives ahead.